WFH Music: What Should You Listen to if You Want To Stay Productive?

18 May 2023

WFH Music: What Should You Listen to if You Want To Stay Productive?


Many people want to work in silence and peace, but there are others who still want to hear some sounds in the background. That’s why some individuals choose to work with their headphones on while listening to their favorite songs using various music streaming apps or platforms.

For work-from-home professionals, there are at least two things to keep in mind if you want to listen to music while completing the tasks assigned to you. First, you need to have a fast internet connection at home if you plan to listen to music online. This is the best way to avoid getting frustrated if the song suddenly lags and stops while you’re bopping to it.

Apart from that, it’s important to remember that not all songs positively affect your productivity. That’s why listening to the right type of music is important to avoid being distracted while working. Reading this article can help you choose the perfect background music while you work from home.

Best Types of Music for WFH Professionals

If you plan to stay as productive as possible while working from home, it’s advisable to listen to these kinds of music:

Classical Music

Classical music is a broad term, and when people hear it, they immediately think of choral or orchestral pieces released hundreds of years ago. That’s not necessarily true because plenty of contemporary scores still fall under the “classical” category based on how they sound.

Listening to classical music can evoke many feelings, but in most cases, it soothes and relaxes you. There have been quite a lot of studies, as well, about its effects, and one research shared that it improves concentration and helps the brain retain new information.

So, it wouldn’t hurt to play your favorite classical pieces while you’re working. Whether they’re century-old scores from Beethoven and Mozart or contemporary pieces from modern artists, it doesn't matter. What’s important is that you’re listening to something with a stable tempo and rhythm and does not have lyrics that can distract you.


Instrumental Music

Instrumental music refers to songs without lyrics. This category includes pieces that have been specifically made without words and popular songs that have their vocals removed.

Like classical music, instrumentals can improve your focus whenever you’re listening to it. Since it doesn’t have any lyrics, there’s a low chance for you to be distracted by singing along, especially if your favorite song is playing. Instrumental music will stay in your background without interrupting your workflow.


White Noise

Music and noise are two sides of the same coin: while music relies on patterns and repetition, noise simply lacks both features, so it is often regarded as an annoyance. However, not all kinds of noise are essentially disruptive and destructive because many people become more productive in environments that are regarded as noisy. This is why people visit coffee shops and other public places when working because the ambient sounds in the background (also called white noise) help improve their focus.

Of course, going to public places just to work can be troublesome for many WFH professionals. This is usually the case for work-at-home parents who cannot leave their house because they have to care for their children while completing their tasks. There are others, too, who just cannot bring their work gear outside because it’s too heavy.
It’s a good thing, though, that you can still listen to white noise in the comfort of your home. There are ready-made playlists on online music streaming platforms that play ambient sounds that help improve your focus.

Lo-Fi Sounds

The term lo-fi stands for “low fidelity,” and it’s used to describe music produced without high-end equipment. Its definition changed through the years, though, and now, lo-fi is almost synonymous with “chill” and relaxed music with a low tempo and laid-back vibe.

This specific music is usually played in places where you are expected to loosen up and laze for a bit. You’ll often hear it in coffee shops, libraries, and massage parlors. Another positive effect of lo-fi music on listeners is that it helps boost brain activity and improve focus. So, putting on some lo-fi music in the background while you work from home can benefit you.
Upbeat Tracks
Unlike the previous items on this list, upbeat tracks do not necessarily have a mellow tone and slow tempo. However, you would be wrong to think it won’t help you stay productive while working from home. The best thing about this type of music is that it helps boost your performance and keep you motivated while accomplishing your tasks. It’s why many people who work out at the gym listen to this kind of music.

Upbeat music is also known to improve alertness, so it’s the perfect type of sound you wish to hear when working for hours on end. It’s great for people on the graveyard shift because it keeps them awake even in the wee hours of the night.

Create Your Own Playlist Today!

Stay as productive as possible is easy if your favorite music is playing nonstop in the background. That’s why creating your own “work-from-home playlist” is also beneficial, but that won’t be possible without a stable internet connection. Thankfully, you have access to that because you are a subscriber of DITO Telecommunity.
By using our data promos and plans, you can have enough data that you can use not just to create your own playlist but also listen to the songs you added to it. We also offer a fast and reliable internet connection, so you won’t experience any lags and delays while listening to your favorite songs. This prevents you from feeling frustrated and becoming less productive than you plan to be.

DITO’s data promos are quite affordable. Our Level-Up Packs start at just ₱99, and it already provides you with 7GB of open mobile data that you can use to listen to music online through your favorite streaming platforms. You even get unli DITO to DITO calls as well as 300 minutes for calls to other mobile networks. The plan is valid for 30 days.

We also have App Boosters that give you 8GB of mobile data and cost only ₱50. You can use the data to access specific websites and apps that can boost your productivity. Our Work It App Booster, for example, can be used to open various web pages that are highly likely needed when doing tasks for your job. Of course, you can also use it to play music from the YouTube app or website.


Listening to mellow and relaxing music can definitely do wonders in making you more productive. This is especially helpful when working while you’re at home and finding it hard to focus because of the distractions around you.
With your DITO SIM, you can subscribe to promos and plans that can give you enough mobile data to stay productive at work. Of course, you can use our data packs to create your own playlist and stream your favorite songs.

For more information on our plans and promos, feel free to get in touch with us. You can call our hotline 185 or use your DITO App to chat with our attendants. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest DITO partner stores and speak directly with our staff. 

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