Average broadband speed of 55Mbps and minimum speed of 3Mbps at 80% reliability
Promo Period is from May 25, 2023 to August 5, 2023. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB- 167962, Series of 2023.

Get your work done at the speed of 5G with

DITO Home 5G Postpaid

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    Enjoy up to 500Mbps+ internet speed for less than P1,000 monthly!

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    Go for an UNLIMITED DATA plan or a data-capped plan with 200GB monthly! Plus, get a bonus 30-day subscription to Prime Video!

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    5G modem/router bundled into your monthly fee!


  • Unli Postpaid 1490


    Enjoy UNLIMITED data each month!

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  • Data-Capped Postpaid 990

    200 GB

    Enjoy a whopping 200GB of data each month!

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Free 5G modem/router

DITO Rewards upon bill payment

Unused data rolled over to next month (for Postpaid Plan 990 only)

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FAQs: All about DITO Home 5G Postpaid

Where can I download the Subscriber Application Form (SAF) and view the Terms and Conditions?

Click here to download the Subscriber Application Form and view the Terms and Conditions.

What is DITO Home 5G Postpaid?

It’s the postpaid broadband subscription service of DITO Telecommunity that delivers up to 500Mbps+ 5G-fast internet speeds straight to your home!

Aside from being postpaid, what’s the difference between this and your prepaid service?

The biggest difference is that, with the postpaid service,  you don’t have to buy the DITO Home 5G modem/router separately. It’s included with your postpaid plan.

Where is the DITO Home 5G Postpaid service available?

DITO Home 5G Postpaid is available in 490 Barangays across NCR and 50 Barangays in Cebu!

Do I need to provide any documents if I sign up?

Yes, you just need to provide us with the following:

1) One valid ID
2) A proof of billing

Proof of billing includes the following:

1. Utility bills (i.e. water, electricity, internet, landline, mobile phone, association dues)
2. Bank-issued documents (bank statements, credit card bills)
3. Others: Club membership SOA, insurance premium SOA, barangay certificate of residence, notarized lease of contract, Pag-Ibig Housing SOA, airway bill/proof of shipping

What are the DITO Home 5G Postpaid offers?

There are two DITO Home 5G monthly plans -- one is a data-capped plan and the other delivers UNLIMITED DATA!

  • Both plans include a 30-day Prime Video subscription (For
    subscriptions January 26, 2023 onwards)
  • Both plans earn DITO Rewards points whenever you pay your bill – which you can redeem for other goodies!
  • The data-capped plan (Plan 990) supports data rollover - Leftover data from the previous billing cycle can be carried over to the next billing cycle, but not beyond that.

When do I pay the 1 month service fee upfront charge?

You can pay your 1 month service fee after the DITO Home 5G is installed at your installation address. The amount will be deducted from your first bill.

Can I pay the upfront fee before the DITO Home 5G is installed at my installation address?

No, you may pay only after the DITO Home 5G is installed at your installation address.

When does the data allocation on the data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan replenish?

Your monthly data allocation replenishes during your billing cycle (for example every 10th of the month).

When if I run out of data between my billing cycles for the data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan?

If you run out of data between your billing cycles, you can get more by availing of the Booster Promo on the DITO APP, which will be charged to your next bill directly. You can find out more about the Booster Promo below:

Postpaid Booster Promo (with DITO Rewards & data rollover)

  • The Booster Promo is valid for 30 days
  • Multiple Boosters can be availed as long as these are supported by your credit limit
  • If multiple Booster Promos are availed, the data validity of the older Booster Promo will extend to the end of the validity of the newer Booster Promo

What if I don’t subscribe to a Booster Promo after running out of data on the data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan?

Once you use up your monthly data allocation, you'll no longer be able to enjoy our high-speed data. But you'll be able to enjoy high-speed data again once you top up with a Booster Promo or when your data refreshes during your next billing cycle.

What if I have data from both my data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan and my Booster Promo, which one gets used up first?

The data from your Booster Promo will always be used up first.

What happens if I terminate my postpaid subscription before the end of my contract period?

If you cancel with us before your contract period is up, you'll have to pay a pre-termination fee based on our policy:

  • Pre-termination Fee (PTF) = MSF x remaining number of months

What happens if I complete my 24-month contract period?

Once your contract ends, you can choose to voluntarily terminate your service without penalty, or you could continue to use the DITO Home 5G  Postpaid service at the same quality and at the same monthly rate.

Where can I monitor my data usage for the data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan?

You can monitor your data and usage via the DITO APP.

Where can I pay my bill, and how?

You can pay your bill using the following payment channels:
1. DITO Experience Stores
2. Via DITO APP online payment

  • Debit or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and JCB)
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • GrabPay
  • WeChat Pay

3. Pay & Go payment kiosk

What is my bill due date?

Your due date is every 25th day from your cut-off date.

How do I view and download my bill on the DITO APP?

Log-in to the DITO App and select "VIEW PDF BILL". You will be able to view your current month's bill and your previous months' bill - up to 12 months back.

My account was disconnected while I still had some data left on my data-capped DITO Home 5G Postpaid 990 Plan -- willmy data still be there once I’m reconnected?

Yes, your unused data will be waiting for you once you're reconnected.

Can I switch from DITO Home 5G Postpaid to Prepaid or vice versa?

No, that isn't allowed at the moment.

How will I receive my bill?

You will be receiving your Statement of Account electronically via email. We’ll also be sending you a notification once your bill is ready.

How do I earn DITO Rewards with my Postpaid Plan?

You earn points based on the amount you pay on your postpaid plan, as well as through which channel you paid your account.

How many points do I earn with each payment?

If you pay your postpaid plans via the DITO App or MyDITO, you earn 3% from each payment. If you pay through our partner channels such as GCash, Maya (previously Pay Maya), etc., it's 1% from each payment.

Where can I redeem my DITO rewards?

You can redeem your rewards on the DITO App by clicking on the Rewards icon. Use your earned DITO Points to redeem data rewards or vouchers from food, essentials, gaming, shopping and more! Stay tuned for more exciting rewards!

Where can I apply and avail of the DITO Home 5G Postpaid service?

  • You can visit any of these (8) DITO Experience Stores in NCR:
    • Glorietta
    • Greenhills
    • Robinsons Galleria
    • SM Manila
    • SM Megamall
    • SM North EDSA
    • SM Southmall
    • Udenna Tower
  • You can visit either of these 2 DITO Experience Stores in Cebu City:
    • SM City Cebu
    • Robinsons Galleria Cebu
  • You can visit the DITO Home website and sign up
  • You can call the 185 hotline
  • You can approach the DITO booth in your community

Enjoy DITO Home  5G Postpaid in these areas in NCR and Cebu. More coming soon!

See the list


Call 185 or Click here to Sign Up

  • Glorietta

  • Greenhills

  • Robinsons Galleria

  • SM Manila

  • SM Megamall

  • SM North Edsa

  • SM Southmall

  • Udenna Tower

  • Robinsons Galleria Cebu

  • SM City Cebu

Or contact the DITO representative at your community!

User Guide and Basic Troubleshooting for the DITO Home 5G Modem

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