What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. This technology allows you to make voice calls over LTE connection, instead of older, legacy voice networks.


What are the advantages of VoLTE?

VoLTE lets you experience the following:​

  • High-Definition voice call quality​
  • Enables the use of data and voice at the same time​
  • It saves the mobile phone’s battery life​
  • Faster voice connection time​



Why do I need a VoLTE phone to subscribe to DITO?​

You’ll need a DITO-compatible phone to gain access to this whole new world of digital explorations powered by DITO’s next-gen technology.​

Check here if your phone is DITO- compatible to get started on your journey DITO.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not necessarily. If you already have a DITO-compatible mobile phone and are in the DITO-covered areas, then you can just buy a SIM and already access the DITO network.

To check if your phone is DITO-compatible, click here. Once you confirm that your mobile phone is compatible, then you may already purchase a DITO SIM card via the Experience Stores or the website. In light of the pandemic, we do recommend that you just purchase online.

Yes, you can use your VoLTE phone to call non-VoLTE phones.​

There's a growing range of VoLTE phones and the price would depend on the phone specs and brand you prefer. Offhand, VoLTE phone prices can go as low as P3,000.​

The DITO SIM card only works with select DITO compatible VoLTE mobile phones as DITO uses next generation technology. In order to fully maximize the DITO experience, we recommend that you only buy a SIM once you confirm that you have a DITO compatible mobile phone.

We want you to experience the full advantage of VoLTE with DITO compatible phones. We recommend that you use our certified compatible phones so you can fully enjoy our service.​ We are working on adding more compatible mobile phone models. Please visit for updates.

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