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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to join or purchase the Unli 5G DATA Pack?

You are eligible to purchase the UNLI 5G DATA Promo if you are in a 5G area for more than 24 hours. You must be using a DITO 5G compatible device (can be viewed in the DITO website) and within the 5G Coverage areas (NCR, Cebu City, Mandaue City, Davao City, San Pedro Laguna, Bacoor Cavite)

What if I am in a non-5G area, will I be able to use my UNLI 5G data?

No, you will not be able to use it since Unlimited 5G Data can only be used in areas with 5G network coverage.

If you are in a non-5G area, the data from your high-speed data wallet will be consumed first.

What if I am already an existing DITO Level-Up Pack subscriber, am I still eligible for the UNLI 5G DATA?

Existing DLU subscribers are eligible to purchase the Unli 5G Promo on their next DLU purchase. As long as they follow the promo pre-requisites (Subscriber is in a 5G area for more than 24 hours, DITO 5G compatible handset, 5G Dito Coverage Area), then there should be no problem.

How will I know if I’m in a 5G zone and is already connected to DITO’s 5G network?

You'll know if you're in a 5G coverage area since most 5G-enabled devices will show a 5G signal name or icon beside the signal strength indicator of the mobile phone. To know if your device is 5G-capable, you can check the specification on the mobile device settings to see if there's a 5G option in the network settings on your phone.

What are the 5G DITO Coverage Areas?

DITO 5G Network is Available in NCR, CEBU CITY, MANDAUE CITY, DAVAO CITY and selected areas in Laguna and Cavite.

Can the consumable data be shared or transferred to other DITO numbers?

No, the consumable data received from this promo is not shareable. It can only be used by the subscriber who purchased the Unli 5G data.

Is the Unli 5G DATA given an open data? How long is its validity?

Yes, the Unli 5G data is open access and can be used for any app/website. It is valid for 7, 15, and 30 days depending on which pack you purchase.

Which data will be consumed first from my wallet?

Based on usage hierarchy, your data with the shortest validity will be consumed first. If you are in a 5G area, data from your unlimited 5G wallet will be consumed first.

Is the consumable data in the Unli 5G promo open data eligible for rollover if not fully-consumed?

For the UNLI 5G open data, the remaining balance in the consumable data will not be eligible for rollover and will be forfeited if left unused.

Are the high-speed data and the 5G UNLI data stored in separate wallets?

Yes, the high-speed data and the unli data are in stored in separate wallets. Their usage meters are also separate.

You may also reach us out
via our official social media accounts

You may also reach us out
via our official social media accounts