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DITO Telecommunity is always open to teaming up with like-minded organizations that align with our Corporate Values – that of utilizing data for full digitalization of the modern Filipino’s way of life, so that they can nurture real and authentic relationships online.

Partnering with us brings you:

  • A robust market for subscriber acquisition and airtime reloading
  • Access to our traditional distribution channels, key accounts, modern trade, and online digital selling opportunities
  • Huge potential for business profitability
  • A seamless experience from the web to our DITO App
  • The opportunity to do transactions anytime, anywhere.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DITO Rewards?

What is the value of a DITO point?

How do I earn DITO points?

Will I earn DITO Points if I use my load balance to purchase a promo?

Where can I view my points?

Do DITO points expire?

What products/services can I redeem?

Contact Us

Partner Support Distributor Hotline:
186 using your DITO number


Partner Inquiries: or contact
your DITO Sales Representatives