A Series

icon-mobile A01
icon-mobile A02s
icon-mobile A11
icon-mobile A12
icon-mobile A21s
icon-mobile A30
icon-mobile A31
icon-mobile A32
icon-mobile A32 5G
icon-mobile A42 5G
icon-mobile A50s
icon-mobile A52 5G
icon-mobile A52
icon-mobile A72

M Series

M11 M11

Galaxy Series

icon-mobile Galaxy Fold 2
icon-mobile Galaxy S20
icon-mobile Galaxy S20 FE
icon-mobile Galaxy S20 Ultra
icon-mobile Galaxy S20+
icon-mobile Galaxy S21 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy S21+ 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy A20
icon-mobile Galaxy A20s
icon-mobile Galaxy A30s
icon-mobile Galaxy Note10+
icon-mobile Galaxy A10
icon-mobile Galaxy A10s
icon-mobile Galaxy A03s
icon-mobile Galaxy A22 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy A22
icon-mobile Galaxy A52s 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy M22
icon-mobile Galaxy S20 FE 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
icon-mobile Galaxy M32

Note Series

icon-mobile Note 20
icon-mobile Note 20 Ultra 5G

Aqua Series

icon-mobile Aqua S9
icon-mobile Aqua S9 Lite
icon-mobile Aqua S9 Max
icon-mobile Aqua S10 Pro

Flare Series

icon-mobile Flare S8
icon-mobile Flare S8 Lite
icon-mobile Flare S8 Max
icon-mobile Flare S8 Pro
icon-mobile Flare Y20
icon-mobile Flare Y5

Mate Series

icon-mobile Mate 30
icon-mobile Mate 30 Pro
icon-mobile Mate 30 Pro 5G
icon-mobile Mate 40
icon-mobile Mate 40 Pro

Nova Series

icon-mobile Nova 5T
icon-mobile Nova 7
icon-mobile Nova 7 SE
icon-mobile Nova 7i
icon-mobile Nova 8

P Series

icon-mobile P30
icon-mobile P30 Pro
icon-mobile P40
icon-mobile P40 Pro

Y Series

icon-mobile Y6p
icon-mobile Y7a
icon-mobile Y7p
icon-mobile Y9 Prime 2019
icon-mobile Y9s

Hot Series

Hot 9 Play Hot 9 Play
Hot 10 Hot 10
icon-mobile Hot 11S

Note Series

icon-mobile Note 7
icon-mobile Note 8
icon-mobile Note 10

Smart Series

Smart 5 Smart 5

T Series

icon-mobile MyT6S
icon-mobile MyT8

W Series

icon-mobile MyWX1 Plus
icon-mobile MyWX2
icon-mobile MyWX2 Pro

X Series

icon-mobile MyX12
icon-mobile MyXI1 Plus
icon-mobile MyXI1 Pro
icon-mobile MyXI3

A Series

icon-mobile A12
icon-mobile A15
icon-mobile A15s
icon-mobile A16
icon-mobile A31
icon-mobile A52
icon-mobile A53
icon-mobile A54
icon-mobile A74
icon-mobile A74 5G
icon-mobile A92
icon-mobile A94
icon-mobile A55

Reno Series

icon-mobile Reno 3 Pro
icon-mobile Reno 4
icon-mobile Reno 4z
icon-mobile Reno 5
icon-mobile Reno 5 5G
icon-mobile Reno 6 5G
icon-mobile Reno 6z 5G

6 Series

icon-mobile Realme 6
icon-mobile Realme 6 Pro
icon-mobile Realme 6i

7 Series

icon-mobile Realme 7 Pro
icon-mobile Realme 7i

8 Series

icon-mobile Realme 8
icon-mobile Realme 8 Pro
icon-mobile Realme 8 5G

C Series

icon-mobile Realme C11
icon-mobile Realme C11 2021
icon-mobile Realme C12
icon-mobile Realme C15
icon-mobile Realme C15 Qualcomm
icon-mobile Realme C21Y
icon-mobile Realme C25
icon-mobile Realme C25s

GT Series

icon-mobile Realme GT Master Edition


icon-mobile 1 SE
icon-mobile 10 Plus
icon-mobile Plex
icon-mobile 10 5G
icon-mobile 20 SE

Camon Series

icon-mobile CAMON 16
icon-mobile CAMON 17P

Other Tecno Models

icon-mobile POVA

Spark Series

icon-mobile SPARK 6
icon-mobile SPARK 6 Go
icon-mobile SPARK 7
icon-mobile SPARK 7 Pro

Other VIVO Models

icon-mobile NEX3

S Series

icon-mobile S1
icon-mobile S1 Pro

V Series

icon-mobile V11
icon-mobile V11i
icon-mobile V15
icon-mobile V15 Pro
icon-mobile V17 Pro
icon-mobile V19 Neo
V20 V20
icon-mobile V21 5G
icon-mobile V21e
icon-mobile V20pro 5G
icon-mobile V20SE

X Series

icon-mobile X21
icon-mobile X50
icon-mobile X50 Pro
icon-mobile X60 5G
icon-mobile X70 5G

Y Series

Y1s Y1s
icon-mobile Y11
icon-mobile Y12
icon-mobile Y12A
icon-mobile Y12S
icon-mobile Y15
icon-mobile Y17
icon-mobile Y19
icon-mobile Y20i
icon-mobile Y20S G
icon-mobile Y30
icon-mobile Y31
icon-mobile Y81
icon-mobile Y85
icon-mobile Y91
icon-mobile Y91C
icon-mobile Y91i
icon-mobile Y95
icon-mobile Y33s

Redmi Series

icon-mobile Redmi 9A
icon-mobile Redmi 9T
icon-mobile Redmi 9C​
icon-mobile Redmi 10
icon-mobile Redmi Note 10 5G

11 Series

icon-mobile Xiaomi 11T Pro
icon-mobile Xiaomi 11T
icon-mobile Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Initial list as of September 11, 2021

This list is what was qualified by our tech teams. This is not the final list since testing are continuous. If you have a different experience with any other phone, please get in touch with our customer service reps so we can verify your phone model directly.

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