Become a Better Gamer by Investing in In-Game Currencies

18 May 2023

Become a Better Gamer by Investing in In-Game Currencies


Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. Some individuals play them as a hobby, while others do it more professionally, meaning they play games to earn money.

No matter what kind of player you are, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered in-game currencies multiple times. They are used to buy certain items for different purposes, like customizing your in-game character or upgrading your skills.

In-game currencies are typically earned as you play the game. However, it’s also possible to get credits through direct purchases from official stores. In any case, being rich inside the game has plenty of advantages since it allows you to create unique-looking avatars or make your characters stronger.

What Can You Buy With In-Game Currencies?

In-game currencies typically work like real-world money. It’s a medium of exchange that facilitates trades between sellers (the game’s marketplace) and customers (the player). If you have enough in-game currency, you can buy anything you want that’s available in the shop. Some examples include:


Skins for Your Avatar

Games typically allow players to make their avatars as unique as possible. Some opt to keep their avatars as simple-looking as possible, while others choose to customize by adding multiple accessories and using different clothes.

For some gamers, their avatars are more than just a way for them to get into the game’s world. Rather, they consider these characters an extension of themselves, so they try to make them look as close to their real selves as possible. Some people also want to create avatars that resemble their ideal selves.

If you’re a gamer who wants to personalize your avatar, you might need to invest in skins. For this reason, it’s imperative that you have enough credits. Some skins can be bought using soft in-game currency, but the most unique-looking ones are only available if you use hard currency or real-world money.


Better Armor or Weapons

The main objective of some games is to win battles, either against other players or against the monsters created by the developers themselves. For this reason, many gamers wish to make their characters as strong as possible, and there are at least three ways to do that: level up through experience points, learn different skills, or use various armor and weapons.

Leveling up and learning skills are typically only achieved through hours upon hours of gameplay. That’s not necessarily the case for armor and weapons because these pieces of equipment are usually readily available in the game’s marketplace.

Some of the most basic armor pieces and weapons can be bought using soft currency. However, stronger equipment or battle gear is typically purchased with hard currency. If you don’t have enough of it, you might have to buy game credits first.


Other Exclusive Add-Ons

In some cases, in-game currencies can be used to buy other items apart from skins, weapons, and armor. Some games allow you to purchase unique items, such as vehicles and pets, designed to make the experience more enjoyable and relatable. Also, if you have enough credits, you can try your luck at mystery prizes by purchasing roulette spins or loot boxes.

Some games also allow you to get into exclusive events if you have enough game credits. These events can give you access to special levels, story lines, or cosmetic items. Additionally, you can earn more experience points and level up faster.

Getting In-Game Currencies

Nowadays, there are many ways for players to earn in-game credits. Here are a few examples:


Earn by Playing

The most common way to get in-game currencies is by playing the game. This is usually the case for soft currencies, which are generally given to you each time you beat monsters, win battles, or level up.


Win Prizes

Another way to obtain in-game currencies is by winning prizes. This method is more like a gamble because you have to open loot boxes, spin roulette wheels, or unlock similar mystery items, depending on the game.

Since these methods are based on luck, your winnings can vary. Sometimes, it’s a bust, meaning you’ve wasted your money. However, there are also instances when you win exciting prizes, like weapons, armors, or skins. You can even get a large amount of in-game credits.


Buy From Official Stores

Hard currencies are harder to obtain in the game, but there’s still a way for you to get them. You primarily have to buy them from official stores using real-world money. The cost of these in-game currencies varies, depending on the game. If you want a large amount, you would, of course, have to pay more. You can also consider cheaper packages with fewer items if you want to spend less.

These in-game currencies are readily available on various platforms, but you can also buy them from DITO Telecommunity! Our network provides players with a fast, safe, and reliable way to purchase mobile game credits.

If you’re a DITO subscriber, you can purchase hard currency from us for some of the best games available today. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the DITO app, and create an account by inputting the credentials needed.
  2. Once logged in, click “App Subscription” from the main menu.
    Choose the product you wish to purchase, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Enter your email address, and wait for the notification indicating your purchase was successful.
  4. Check your email inbox to see the voucher sent to you.


Purchase In-Game Credits DITO!

With DITO, it’s now easier for players like you to earn game credits in the Philippines. Our network allows you to buy different hard in-game currencies in exchange for your DITO load. All you have to do is use your DITO app to make your purchase.

For questions, do not hesitate  to contact our team. We will be more than happy to offer the assistance you need.

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