Stream Your Favorite Films, TV Series, and Music Using DITO’s Affordable Promos

18 May 2023

Stream Your Favorite Films, TV Series, and Music Using DITO’s Affordable Promos


We often overlook it now, but one of the most important things the internet gave us is choice. Before, when you wanted to see a movie, you had to travel and go to the cinema to watch it on the silver screen. If you came in late, you’ll miss a part of the film and might not enjoy the whole thing. The same goes for TV and music. What you see and hear on televisions and radios is preprogrammed, so you don’t have any option but to watch and listen to the show or song being played.

That’s no longer the case today. You can see a certain movie over and over anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It’s the same for your favorite TV shows and songs—you can watch and listen to them at your convenience if you have WiFi or mobile data access.

This is thanks to various streaming services available to us. With different platforms, you can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows and listen to the most popular songs anytime, no matter where you are. The best part? They usually don’t cost a lot. Telecommunication companies, like DITO Telecommunity Corporation, offer affordable movie, TV, and music streaming subscription promos to every customer.

What Do People Stream?

It’s safe to assume that people use streaming services for entertainment. They usually subscribe to these platforms to get access to different forms of media, such as:


Films are still one of the best forms of entertainment precisely because they’re often short and condensed. You might take a few weeks to read your favorite book, but that can be compressed to just one or two hours when its film version is released.
For many, movies are a great form of escapism. You just have to sit and relax for the duration of the film and not have to think of anything. They give your mind and body a well-deserved break.

There are many movie streaming platforms to choose from, and the first thing that might come to mind would be Netflix. As one of the most preferred streaming platforms in the world, they have an extensive library that contains thousands of titles, including both local and foreign films. If you can’t find the movie on Netflix’s vast library, you can try other options, like HBO Go and Prime Video.

There are also streaming platforms that cater to a niche market. Filipinos and those in other Asian nations can try Vivamax, Jungo Pinoy, and iQIYI, among others.

TV Shows

Whether you like watching dramas or sitcoms, there’s a TV program that will perfectly suit your tastes. Thanks to streaming platforms, you can see your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

Netflix, iQIYI, WeTV, and other major platforms have Filipino soap operas, but their library is more packed with foreign titles. That’s why they’re perfect if you want to indulge in a Western series or simply watch sunbae and senpai in your favorite K-drama or anime. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to rewatch the teleseryes you used to love, you can use Jungo Pinoy and other Filipino and Asian streaming platforms.

Other Videos

If you think movies and TV shows aren’t for you, other videos might pique your interest. Technically speaking, YouTube and other video-sharing networks are also streaming platforms. From these websites, you can watch shorter clips that are ideal for people who only have a few minutes to spare for entertainment.
Aside from entertainment, these short videos can also be used for information and education. You can watch tutorials and news through these platforms, as well.


Whether it’s the latest single from your favorite artist or the most nostalgic playlist from your childhood, you can listen to it through music streaming platforms. Well-known options include Spotify and Apple Music, but YouTube Music is also slowly gaining popularity.

Music has been a great source of entertainment for anyone. Unlike watching movies and TV shows, listening to songs and instrumental audio doesn’t require your full attention. That’s why you can stream your favorite music even when doing something else, like preparing dinner, studying for an exam, or reading this blog post.


More and more Filipinos—particularly Gen Z-ers—are getting hooked on podcasts, which are subscription-based audio shows. You can access these programs through the same streaming platforms you listen to music with.

Streaming podcasts isn’t that different from listening to music because you can also multitask while doing it. The distinct feature of podcasts, however, is that they provide not only entertainment but also information. Streamers or “podcasters” often speak with professionals in their programs and ask them to discuss something related to their fields.

Devices Commonly Used for Streaming

Any device that can be connected to the internet can be used to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and music. They include:

Personal Computers

Before smart devices took the world by storm, computers, such as laptops and desktops, were a few of the only devices that could connect to the internet. Many people prefer streaming movies, TV shows, and music using these machines because they’re extremely versatile and allow for multitasking. You can listen to your favorite songs while you work on a different project. Alternatively, you can watch a film or a single episode just to take a break and then go back to what you were doing without standing up from your computer chair.

Another good thing about personal computers is they don’t require you to have special programs solely used for streaming media. Of course, you can download desktop apps, which offer convenience and efficiency, but they could eat up your storage space. If you don’t want that to happen, you can simply visit the platform’s website and log in to your account to stream movies, TV shows, and music.

Smart Devices

Movies and TV shows are definitely more enjoyable if you consume them from a large screen, such as flatscreen televisions. If it’s a smart or Android TV, you can connect it directly to the internet and use it to watch films and other programs. Some smart and Android TVs have built-in apps that let you access streaming platforms with just a single press of a remote button.

If there’s a smart device that can be used to stream movies and TV shows, there are also gadgets that are made specifically for music and other audio content. They are called smart speakers. The most famous option might be Amazon’s Alexa, but many alternatives have emerged over the last few years.

Smart speakers have a name you can call them. All you have to do is say that name followed by the command to play a specific song title or genre. It’s quite convenient as you can keep your hands free for other tasks you need to do.

Mobile Phones

Smart TVs and speakers can come at a high price, so they’re ideal for those who have money to spare. Desktops, for obvious reasons, aren’t the best choice for you if you’re always on the go. While laptops are portable and can be brought anywhere, you still can’t use them in enclosed spaces, like jampacked buses or trains.
All of these issues can be resolved if you use your phone. They are lighter and definitely easier to use compared to other devices. Apart from that, they’re an all-in-one device that lets you stream all sorts of content, whether they’re movies, TV shows, or music.

Another great thing about phones is they’re not dependent on WiFi. You can access the internet if you have enough mobile load and signal for a data connection. Depending on your network, you can even take advantage of different streaming subscription promos, which help you save money. With DITO, for example, you can get access to various streaming platforms for less than ₱100 a month, depending on the service you want to subscribe to.

Enjoy Affordable Streaming Subscription Promos

Every Filipino should have access to different forms of entertainment that gives them a form of escapism. Watching your favorite movie, binging on the latest TV shows, and listening to soothing music are all good ways to relax and unwind, even just for a moment. You should have the option to do all of that without having to pay a high price.

Thanks to DITO, you can do just that. We offer streaming subscription promos that every ordinary Filipino can afford. If you have ₱100, you can have a whole month’s access to your favorite Pinoy movies and TV shows through Jungo Pinoy and still have ₱1 left. We also offer 3-day promos for only ₱19. If nothing on Jungo Pinoy piques your interest, you can try streaming films on Vivamax. Subscription only costs ₱29 for three days and ₱149 for a whole month.

For Asian drama fans, you can access the iQIYI library for just ₱111 a month. But if you like Western films and programs, HBO Go might be better for you. We offer a month’s subscription for that platform for just ₱199.


The way Pinoys consume media is ever-changing. Today, more and more people are choosing to pay for various streaming platforms to get access to different movies, TV shows, and music. That’s why DITO offers affordable streaming subscription promos for every Filipino. Check out some of our packages by browsing through our website.

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