Choosing the Right Mobile Prepaid Plan Matters! Find Out Why

18 April 2023

Choosing the Right Mobile Prepaid Plan Matters! Find Out Why


Getting a new phone can be both exciting and exhausting. There are just too many brands and models that it’s hard to pick just one for yourself. But once you’ve bought a unit, you’re faced with a new predicament about which network provider you should choose.
After picking a network provider, you’ll then encounter another dilemma: should you go postpaid or stick with prepaid? Both options have pros and cons, but prepaid is ideal for people who don’t want to stress over monthly bills and payments.

DITO Telecommunity offers some of the best mobile prepaid plans in the country. For less than PHP 100, you can enjoy unlimited calls with fellow DITO subscribers and 300 minutes of calls to other networks. This plan also includes unlimited texts to all networks and 7 GB of mobile data to let you surf the net. What’s more, all of these are valid for 30 days, so you can enjoy them for a whole month!

We also offer other affordable prepaid options, so feel free to browse through our website to learn more.

The Filipino Mobile User

For many years, the Philippines has been the undisputed and unrivaled “Text Capital of the World.” Even now that many messaging apps offer free chats and calls as long as you have internet access, many Pinoys still love using the good old short messaging service (SMS).

Texting and calling never became obsolete, even when Filipinos slowly transitioned from SMS to instant messages over the last few years. Right now, the country also ranks #1 in the highest number of social media users in the world. Recent data from independent organizations and government agencies shows that roughly 90 million of us are active on social media.

All in all, it can be assumed that we, as a nation, love to text and chat with our loved ones and use social media to connect with them. That’s why it’s only imperative that you get a mobile plan that allows you to surf the internet, chat online, send texts, and make calls. DITO offers the best mobile prepaid plans that give you just that. These plans are incredibly affordable, so they’re readily accessible to every Filipino.


Choosing the Best Prepaid SIM

In the Philippines, there are two major mobile network providers. DITO might still be in its infancy, but the company is doing well in penetrating the telecommunications market.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between the three available options, going through this list might help you a bit. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a SIM card and selecting the right network for you:

Signal Strength

You can’t send texts or make calls if your mobile isn’t receiving any signal from your network provider. Sadly, there are still some places in the country where the signal is very weak for certain telecommunications companies. In those areas, some mobile users receive messages late and experience choppy calls. That could be a problem if you’re in an emergency because you won’t be able to contact anyone to seek help.

Meanwhile, if you love to surf the net and browse social media, you don’t want to have an unreliable connection. In areas with a weak signal, photos and videos sometimes won’t load, and chat messaging usually won’t work. That could be a frustrating experience for anyone, so it’s best to choose the network that’s compatible with 4G or 5G technology.

Ask the people around you what network they use and if they’re not having any issues with their connection. This way, you can be informed which of the three telcos is the best in your location.

Cost of Plans

How much the plans cost is a huge factor when choosing the right network provider. After all, many people stick with prepaid plans because they’re relatively more affordable than postpaid options. With just around PHP 20, you can enjoy a limited number of texts and a few minutes of calls. Sometimes, you can even be rewarded some free mobile data to let you access the net and use certain apps.
Indeed, the three telecommunications companies offer many inexpensive options and promos for prepaid subscribers. But it’s still best to be extra vigilant when choosing your network provider. Some of the prepaid plans they offer might be budget-friendly but come with a bit of a catch. They might expire after just a few days, or they might charge extra if you text or call numbers from other networks.

Don’t let yourself be victimized by these marketing tactics. Be sure to do your research and check out the websites of the three telcos to help yourself arrive at a better decision.

Special Promos

If you’re on a tight budget, taking advantage of promos from your network provider can help you save some cash. That’s why it’s another important consideration for many mobile users if the telco of their choice offers irresistible deals and discounts for their products from time to time.

These freebies usually come in the form of free data or extended promos. They might not be big or expensive giveaways, but they’re still a great help if you’re trying to pinch pennies.

Phone Compatibility

Some mobile networks don’t work well with certain phone brands and models. That’s why it’s your duty to do proper research and check if your current phone is compatible with the network of your choice.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is another crucial factor to consider. You don’t want your telco to be out of reach if you’re experiencing connection problems and other issues with their network. Check out their social media pages to see if they are responsive to the comments and complaints of their subscribers and users. This way, you can have a better idea of whether or not they have a good relationship with their customers.

Loading Outlets

You won’t be able to send texts, make calls, and access the internet with your smartphone if you do not have any load. That’s where the convenience of having many nearby loading stations comes in. Your mobile network might be perfect in a lot of ways, but everything they offer would be pretty much useless if you can’t find a place where you can reload.

It would be best if you could buy load electronically from the comforts of your home. Some network providers are partners with major digital wallet apps, which makes it convenient for subscribers and users. All you have to do is open your digital wallet app, tap a few icons, and make your purchase to reload your SIM. This means you don’t have to get out of your house to find the nearest loading station; as long as you have WiFi or internet access, you can take advantage of this feature.

DITO, You Can Stay Connected!

It’s hard to pinpoint why Filipinos love to text and use social media. Some might say it’s because we are very social people, and we want to stay connected with our friends and family as much as possible. So, even though your loved ones are in the provinces or foreign countries, you can stay updated on what they’re doing by exchanging messages with them or checking their social media accounts.

The Service That You Deserve

No matter the reason, what’s true is that Pinoys deserve only the highest quality of service from mobile network providers in the country. Telecommunications companies should offer mobile postpaid and prepaid plans that everyone can afford.

That’s what we do here at DITO. As the newest telecommunications company in the country, we are adamant about helping Filipinos stay connected wherever they are. That’s why we offer inexpensive yet comprehensive prepaid plans that let our subscribers text, chat, and call anyone they want, whether they’re using the same network or not.

Affordable Promos Just for You

Through DITO’s Auto Pay and Advance Pay options, you can enjoy plenty of exclusive perks. With Advance Pay, for example, you can enjoy up to 96GB of consumable data for a year. That comes with unlimited calls to fellow DITO subscribers, 3,6000 minutes of calls to other networks, and unlimited texts to all networks for only Php713! You can even receive up to 120GB of bonus data and enjoy as high as a 40% discount.

AutoPay, meanwhile, offers a hassle-free way to renew your subscription. You’ll need to connect your DITO app to your e-wallet or online bank so you don’t have to worry about reloading again. Your remaining calls to other networks and data will also be rolled over the following month. Furthermore, there’s also a 10B of bonus data when you go with this option!
Lastly, we also have Level-Up packs that are loaded with many benefits. For as low as Php99, you can enjoy unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls and texts to all networks. It also comes with 300 minutes of calls to other networks, as well as 7GB of data, consumable for 30 days.


Let yourself feel like you’re loved ones are close to you. Send them a text or chat if you’re missing them, or call them at home if you want to hear their voices. DITO will help you stay connected with them, so feel free to check out the best mobile prepaid plans we offer to our subscribers.

Explore our website to discover more exciting promos and affordable products. For questions and comments about our services, feel free to contact us today.

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