Wanna See Some Real Speed? Stay Ahead of the Curve With Our Superb Internet Connection

18 May 2023

Wanna See Some Real Speed? Stay Ahead of the Curve With DITO Flash 5G Home WiFi


Through the years, the internet has undeniably taken over the world, leaving a massive impact on our society. It changed how we communicate, from writing letters and mailing them to sending chat messages and having video calls.


In addition, it gave us more avenues to consume entertainment. Before, we had to visit movie theaters to watch newly released films. But now, we simply need the best home WiFi broadband device so we can access various movies to watch.


More importantly, it revolutionized how we work. Back then, offices were necessary as people could not continuously communicate through simple electronic mail or fax machines. Now, some industries and businesses can have employees working remotely from different sides of the world, all in sync every day with the help of laptops, computers, mobile phones, and a fast internet connection.


With the internet having become such an indispensable part of modern life, it is only natural to want the best home WiFi broadband device for our family. The investment is definitely worth it as you get entertainment, plus the luxury of attending classes online and working from home.


Speaking of the best broadband service, you might want to check out DITO Telecommunity’s home 5G network. It’s capable of providing up to 500Mbps+ of 5G network speed straight to your home without requiring you to break the bank!


How People Started Working From Home

One thing is constant in this world—we all have to work almost every day to sustain our lives and do what we want.


In the 18th and 19th centuries, most people worked as farmers. They went out in the field to plant and harvest different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other crops. Afterward, they sold them to vendors. Others were craftsmen and carpenters who invented various things like swords, wooden furniture, and so on. They also sold their products to neighboring communities. Life was pretty much simple, and very few people worked in offices.


In the 20th century, manufacturing companies, big corporations, and several businesses opened. This boosted our economy but also demanded the service of thousands of employees—from managers and factory workers to office assistants and clerks. People started living near business districts to easily access their workplaces daily. Those who worked at offices used computers to do their jobs, and those at factories operated advanced machines.


Since the 20th century, our work setup has been pretty much the same. People go to their offices, clock in, do their job, and clock out after eight hours. However, an unexpected turn of events happened. The whole world was in lockdown for months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. No one was allowed to go out as the virus could be easily transferred when people interacted with each other. And at the beginning of this pandemic, the health departments of different countries were pretty much still testing and creating vaccines.


This forced businesses to switch to a work-from-home setup. Employees took their laptops and computers home and started doing their jobs from their rooms. It was a hard start for everyone. Some needed to top up their mobile data daily because they didn’t have a WiFi connection at home. Others chose to invest in the best home WiFi broadband device to have a fast and steady internet connection because they needed to attend online meetings every day.


The COVID-19 Pandemic and How It Raised People’s Demands

The sudden changes that the pandemic brought affected company processes, and people had to adapt fast to keep their businesses running despite everything.


As mentioned above, offices closed, and employees took home their laptops. Now, they clock in through online business messaging applications, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, they use video conferencing applications to have meetings with other workmates who are also working from home.


Managers, on the other hand, have to frequently check in with their staff through emails and the applications mentioned above to monitor each employee’s productivity. They also have to ensure that everyone is in good shape and safe from the virus.


In addition, the usual Friday night out with workmates where you grab drinks and de-stress became virtual online catch-ups. Companies started organizing these online events to keep up the team spirit and bring back a bit of normalcy despite the global situation.


These abrupt changes and high demand for virtual communication will not be possible without a reliable internet provider such as DITO Telecommunity. With our 5G internet connection, businesses can still function because their employees have connectivity at home. Indeed, it is one of the saving graces of this pandemic, and like all businesses, telecommunication companies also have to keep improving their offerings to serve remote workers.


Why Fast Internet Speeds Have Become Essential

It has been some years since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many employees have returned to work in their offices. Despite this, some companies have chosen to retain the work-from-home setup. Over time, many saw the advantages of running their company like this and decided it works best for everyone since employees now don’t need to travel to work every day. Plus, employers don’t need to rent office spaces anymore.


With this decision, fast internet speeds have become even more essential, especially for people working from home. Here’s why:


Team Collaboration

Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other discussions are now done online. Without a fast internet connection, employees won’t be able to collaborate properly. Some will miss important parts of the discussion if they get disconnected in the middle of the meeting.


When you have a 5G connection from DITO, rest assured that you can attend all your online meetings daily without any interruptions. You can even share videos or conduct presentations while doing other tasks simultaneously.


File Uploads and Downloads

Companies use online drives to share files and other important resources with everyone. They are convenient as employees can easily upload and download documents when needed.


For some businesses that offer digital services, large files are uploaded to these drives for advertising materials, backup data, and more. This requires a fast internet connection as videos and images can be corrupted when downloading is stopped by slow connectivity.


Close Client Contact

If your job requires you to have close contact with your clients, it is a must to have a reliable internet connection. This way, you can quickly attend to their needs whenever they request something to be done urgently. Without a fast internet connection, some companies may lose clients because they cannot keep up with their demands.


The Difference Between Routers and Mobile WiFi Devices

With the advanced technology we have today, internet providers can give us choices regarding fast internet connections.


There are routers connected to the modem provided by telecommunications companies. They direct traffic between the internet and your electronic devices by forwarding data packets to their intended IP addresses. They also allow multiple devices to use the same internet connection.


On the other hand, there are mobile WiFi devices or mobile data. You can have a 5G network connection by purchasing SIM cards and topping them up with mobile data packages.


Here are the differences between the two:



Routers are great for home usage as they are connected to your modem through wires. They are permanently installed in one place and can give the whole household access to a 5G internet connection.


Meanwhile, mobile data is more portable as it uses your SIM card and creates a wireless connection through radio frequencies. You can have an internet connection anywhere you go as long as there is a signal.


Internet Stability

Both routers and mobile data can give stable and fast internet connection as internet providers are continuously expanding their coverage. However, if you go to places with weak or no signal, mobile data cannot function.


For those who want complete stability, you should invest in the best home WiFi broadband device. When you have this item installed at home, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 500Mbps+ all day all thanks to DITO.



Whether you have a router or mobile data, your internet speed will always depend on what your provider gives you. Some of the best telecommunications providers, like DITO, offer a 5G network for their WiFi and mobile data users, giving them equal internet speed.


Usually, if you have a good connection at home, routers can give you fast internet without any interruptions. Meanwhile, mobile data’s internet speed will depend on the transmitted radio frequency in your area.



The internet took over and affected everything—and we all know it is for the better. Now, we can freely work from the comfort of our homes and still do the assigned tasks despite not going to our offices. Without this innovative invention, it would be difficult for businesses to continue functioning.


For a high-speed internet connection, turn to DITO. With our 5G network, you can rest assured that you can keep working from home without any hassle.


If you are interested in our products and services, feel free to send us a message! We will be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

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