Text-only Facebook

Text-only Facebook allows people to access Facebook - ANYTIME - on your mobile phone, without data charges, through, Facebook Lite app or the Facebook for Android app.

With text-only Facebook, consumers can control their own data usage when accessing Facebook by using the button to optionally switch between data mode and without data charges mode.

What is Discover?

Discover is a mobile app and web browser that enables DITO Subscribers to browse text on the internet without charges for up to 10Mb per day. Discover supports only low-bandwidth traffic such as text and icons when using free data

How do I access Discover?

  • DITO Subscribers need to turn on their Mobile Data Access while using their DITO Sim
  • Subscribers need to download the DISCOVER APP or if they are accessing via mobile browser, they need to log-in to
  • Upon successful acceptance of Terms and Conditions, the SEARCH screen will appear. And the DITO user may start searching the web for the information they want to access
  • If the subscriber decides that he wants to view pictures and videos, a pop- up screen will appear, and the user will need to select “See Photos” to be able see the video and image content provided he/she has data credits from DITO.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload photos, post text, like, comment, and see all text on Facebook without using your data in the text-only version of Facebook.

You can use all Facebook features in data mode. This includes viewing photos and videos, reading articles and uploading videos while using your data.

You can send and receive textual messages, stickers, emojis through your mobile browser or the Messenger app without using your data.

You can use all Messenger features with paid data. This includes sending and receiving photos and videos and making and receiving voice calls while using your data.

If you’re currently using text-only Facebook click See Photos in the top right to switch to data mode. You can also click on any photo or video where it says Use Data to See Photos/Videos to switch to data mode. If you are currently using data mode, click Go To Free to switch to without data charges mode.

You can switch back and forth as many times as you would like!

You’ll need to use your data to view all photos in data mode. You don’t need to use your data to upload photos or share a friend’s post with photos. You can only view the photo using your data in data mode.

You’ll need to use your data to view or upload videos in data mode. You don’t need to use your data to share a friend’s post with videos. You can only watch the video using your data in data mode.

You’ll know you’re using data when there is an additional banner above the blue Facebook Search bar that mentions “data mode”. The additional banner will appear and either say free mode or data mode to let you know that you are using this version of Facebook.

If you click on an article or link, you will be alerted that you will use data at standard rates if you continue to an external website.

No, standard data rates apply in order to download the Facebook app. You can still use this version of Facebook in your mobile web browser.

Yes. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can go to using your mobile browser or the Facebook app with a participating carrier’s SIM card to create your account without using data.

It doesn’t matter if you signed up for Facebook with a different carrier number as long as you’re using data with a participating carrier for this offer.

This version of Facebook is available on a supported mobile web browser, Facebook Lite app or the Facebook for Android app. The Facebook for iOS app, Facebook WIndows Phone app and Facebook BlackBerry app are not eligible for this offer.

All major mobile browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari are supported.

It doesn’t matter what your data balance is to access text-only Facebook. You will need a data balance in order to use data mode.


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