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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime Video?

Prime Video is a video streaming service where customers can enjoy unlimited access to world-class entertainment from award-winning Amazon Originals and thousands of movies and TV series anytime, anywhere.

What can I watch on Prime Video?

You can enjoy critically acclaimed Amazon Originals such as "The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power", "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", "The Boys", and "The Wheel of Time" with Prime Video. Exciting local and regional titles are also added in Prime Video like the KDrama "Anna" and "Yumi's Cells", anime titles like "Jujustsu Kaisen", and local titles like "Big Night".

How much is a Prime Video subscription?

P149 – Prime Video for 30 days

Where can I download Prime Video?

You can download Prime Video from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Where can I purchase a Prime Video subscription?

You can purchase your Prime Video subscription directly from the DITO APP.

Can I use my DITO load to pay for the subscription?

Yes, you can use your DITO load to pay for your subscription via the App Subscription page of the DITO APP!

How many devices can I have on my account?

You can have three (3) devices registered to your account.

Can I purchase multiple Prime Video subscription?

Yes, you can purchase multiple subscription. This will be queued right after your existing subscription expires.   

Can I purchase Prime Video subscription while I have active Prime Video Mobile Edition?

Yes, you can still purchase Prime Video. However, once you activate your Prime Video subscription, this will automatically cancel your Prime Video Mobile Edition 

Can I activate my bonus Prime Video Mobile Edition I received from my DITO Level Up pack while I have active Prime Video subscription?

No, you cannot activate your Prime Video Mobile Edition link when you have existing Prime Video subscription.  

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