Experience Faster Internet Speeds! Make the Switch to DITO’s WiFi Network Today

18 May 2023

Experience Faster Internet Speeds! Make the Switch to DITO’s WiFi Network Today


The Internet has been around much shorter than most of us remember. It was only officially used in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to disseminate important information. In addition, the concept of electronic mail or email was only developed in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, which became the first way to have instantaneous communication between machines.


Now, we use this technology every day. We are able to work, study, and browse anything with the use of computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Whenever we have to search for something, we simply turn on our gadgets, use the Internet, and obtain the information we need. We can access everything—from entertainment to educational resources—with just a few taps or clicks. Indeed, having high-speed WiFi networks has revolutionized how we do things.


Considering how frequently we rely on the Internet, it would be a hassle to have slow connectivity. Remote employees will have reduced work productivity as they cannot connect with colleagues while on the job. Meanwhile, students would not be able to attend online classes due to lags and network errors.


With DITO Telecommunity Corporation’s high-speed 5G WiFi network, you will surely have a limitless digital experience! You can enjoy using a WiFi network with download speeds of up to 500Mbps, making it easier for you to consume videos and play mobile games. In addition, we offer straightforward data packages and provide exciting rewards once you subscribe to our plans.


Why People Want High-Speed WiFi Networks

According to DataReportal, the recorded number of Internet users in the Philippines in January 2022 rose by about 2.1 million from the previous year, totaling 76.1 million. This means that about 68% of our total population wakes up every day and uses their gadgets to consume different types of digital entertainment and use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With these many users, it is only natural for people to demand high-speed WiFi networks from their providers. After all, everyone wants to make the most of the money they pay these Internet companies monthly. Additionally, this high demand should motivate these providers to keep up and improve their services as many people depend on their offerings.

Aside from getting what they pay for, people want fast Internet because some cannot perform their jobs without a high-speed Internet connection. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, most people have been working from their homes as it is dangerous to travel to workplaces every day. Even if employees have begun returning to their offices, many are still working remotely, requiring them to have a good WiFi connection at home.

Lastly, most people today have hobbies that can only be done online, such as creating digital artwork and playing mobile and PC games. Without fast Internet connectivity powering these modes of entertainment, they cannot enjoy doing what they love.

Given these reasons, more customers are encouraging their Internet providers to give them the Internet speed they deserve and need.

The Rise in Demand for Faster Internet Connectivity

Before the Internet, people first used pen and paper to write messages and went to the post office to mail their letters. Afterward, pagers, landline phones, and mobile phones came into the picture, making communication easier.

Searching for information was done differently, too. Students visited libraries and read books to answer their assignments and complete their research. Moreover, they made reports using markers and sheets of manila paper as online presentations were not yet introduced.

Although this type of living was manageable, inventors saw the potential to improve how people communicate and research. Hence, they created the Internet, a global network connecting billions of computers and other electronic devices. This technology provides access to almost any information and allows people to communicate with anyone else in the world.

Nowadays, there is an ongoing demand for faster Internet connectivity primarily because we consume it every day. We chat and have video calls with people using online messengers that require fast Internet. We also watch and stream videos, movies, series, and other entertainment we can find online. Furthermore, we use the Internet to attend online classes via Zoom and have online work meetings with our workmates.

It will be hard for us to do our daily online tasks with slow connectivity. Therefore, it is just right that we demand better Internet services from our providers. This benefits every Internet user, whether they use it for entertainment or work.

How Were 5G Broadband Cellular Networks Created?

A broadband cellular network provides high-speed Internet access using multiple types of technologies like fiber optics, wireless, cable, DSL, and satellite. Generally, more people, businesses, and government offices prefer broadband cellular networks to get Internet connectivity as it is faster than a traditional dial-up Internet connection. Its minimum download speeds are 25Mbps, while upload speeds are 3Mbps.

Today, many Internet providers, including DITO Telecommunity Corporation, have upgraded their services to keep up with people’s demands. DITO introduced a 5G broadband cellular network that gives users download speeds of up to 500Mbps, more than what typical broadband cellular networks can provide.

5G wireless technology was created after the release of its former versions, which are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. This type of broadband network is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, massive network capacity, and more reliability.

Once you make the switch to DITO’s 5G network, you’ll never encounter lag while watching your favorite online shows. Furthermore, you can work continuously as the Internet speed you will be getting can give you access to different sites simultaneously.

What Are the Lifestyle Applications of 5G Connectivity?

We all use the Internet differently. Some require more data as they consume more media and perform tasks online that need strong connectivity. Meanwhile, others are just casual browsers and only need the average Internet speed to use mobile applications. Luckily, DITO’s 5G connectivity can support different lifestyles!

If you are a casual Internet user and you just want constant connectivity to chat with your friends and family, you can top up your DITO home WiFi network with 100GB of data for PHP 590. Afterward, you can enjoy your high-speed WiFi network by using your favorite apps.

For gamers and movie lovers who consume a slightly higher amount of data to watch and play, you can top up your DITO home WiFi network with 200GB of data for PHP 990. This allows you to play online games and binge-watch series without lags.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who works from home or attends online classes, you can benefit from DITO’s 340GB data plan for only PHP 1,490. With this data package, you can work for eight hours a day or attend important meetings without worrying about your connectivity. Students can also be assured that they will still have remaining data to do research for assignments and reports after a long day of attending classes.

Lastly, if your whole family will use DITO’s high-speed WiFi network, it is best to invest in our 500GB data package for PHP 1,990. This way, every member can benefit from our 5G network, and no one will complain about slow connectivity when everyone is at home having their own digital experiences. Getting this package is also more affordable than subscribing individually to different mobile data promos every day.

What Is the Network Coverage of DITO 5G Connection?

DITO Telecommunity Corporation is the newest major telecommunications provider here in the Philippines. Our main goal is to provide fast and reliable data to every Filipino. With this in mind, we are currently improving our data packages, making them more accessible and affordable for everyone.


We currently provide our services to several locations throughout Metro Manila. However, to show our total commitment, our team has been working hard to expand our connectivity to different areas all over the country. Furthermore, we have been building Experience Stores and partner stores in different leading malls and small sari-sari stores to reach more customers.



Having fast Internet is essential nowadays because most of the tasks we need to accomplish are done online. Without it, we will have difficulty communicating with others, searching for information, and consuming our favorite shows and games.

Once you make the switch to DITO, you can finally say goodbye to slow Internet speeds! Our affordable data packages are always available in our online stores. You simply need to choose one that matches your lifestyle then you can start browsing.

If you are interested in our offerings, do not hesitate to talk to our team. We can address your concerns and inquiries right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

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