The promo mechanics are as follows:

  1. Promo period is from May 24  to November 19, 2024.​
  2. Prepaid subscribers may get up to 100 bonus  DITO Rewards Points when they upgrade their existing Mobile Prepaid account to any Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlan at any DITO Experience Store and participating online channels.​
  3. The bonus DITO Rewards Points are applicable to the following Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans:​

    50 DITO Reward Points 100 DITO Reward Points
    SIM-Only Plan Handset Plan
    FLEXPlan 388
    (SIM-Only Plan)
    FLEXPlan 888 FLEXPlan 588
    FLEXPlan 888

    FLEXPlan 1288

    FLEXPlan 1288

    FLEXPlan 1688

    FLEXPlan 1688
  4. The bonus DITO Rewards Points will be credited within 24 hours from the time of the account upgrade.​
  5. Subscribers will receive an SMS and in-app notification to confirm that the bonus DITO Rewards Points have been credited.​
  6. Subscribers can also monitor the DITO Rewards Points under Points History in the REWARDS section of the DITO App.​
  7. 1 DITO Rewards Point is equivalent to Php 1.​
  8. DITO Rewards Points earned are valid for 12 months upon crediting to the subscriber's account. Example: You earned 20 points on May 24, 2024. These points will expire on May 24, 2025.​
  9. Subscribers can use their DITO Rewards Points to redeem rewards via the DITO Rewards Catalog in the DITO App.
  10. DITO Rewards Points with a shorter validity period will be used first upon reward redemption. ​
  11. DITO Rewards Points are shareable but cannot be converted to cash, credit, or other goods and services outside the loyalty program.​​
  12. By availing the promo, the subscriber confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to the promo mechanics, its terms, and conditions. ​​
  13. The subscriber also agrees not to use the SIM and/or promo for illicit or illegal means. ​​
  14. For any concerns and/or inquiries regarding the promo, information may be sent to ​All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of DITO Telecommunity. All decisions made by DITO Telecommunity pertaining to the promo will be deemed final and irrevocable, with prior concurrence of DTI.

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DITO Rewards is DITO’s loyalty program that rewards you for your loyal use of our products and services.