MNP work progress in spite of COVID-19

1 Apr 2020

April 2020 — The three major Philippine telecommunications companies, through Syniverse recently completed the first comprehensive technical workshop that sought to identify initial timelines and requirements in support of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Act signed into law last February 2019.

The MNP Act allows telco subscribers to retain their mobile numbers despite switching networks with Syniverse providing number portability services for the telcos and securing and maintaining the database of numbers and other records.

It was initially mentioned in previous news reports that the venture needed 18-months to complete. However, PLDT/Smart, Globe, and the newest major player DITO Telecommunity said in a joint statement that because of the current COVID-19 situation affecting not only the Philippines but the rest of the world, the three are expecting some challenges and setbacks in terms of workflow, personnel, and technical training but are looking for ways to work around the expected difficulties.

The three telcos provided joint assurance that the venture is working hard to meet their target to provide the best MNP service to the Filipino people.

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