Mobile Number Portability: Making It Easy for You To Switch Networks

18 July 2023

Mobile Number Portability: Making It Easy for You To Switch Networks


Not all telecommunications companies in the Philippines are the same, and it's a great thing that Filipinos have the liberty to pick their service provider based on their wants and needs. Some people choose based on the signal strength of the network in their area. Others primarily decide based on the affordability of products and plans offered by the telco.

Some people think that because they’ve been with their network for so long, they can no longer make a switch. Even if they’ve already found an alternative that offers more affordable promos and better services, they still stick to their current service provider. One primary reason is they don’t want to change numbers.
This is understandable because changing your number can be quite a hassle. Just imagine how many documents you need to update. If you have certain subscriptions connected to your mobile phone, they will be affected, as well.

Thanks to technological advancements, such problems should no longer be an issue. DITO Telecommunity offers mobile number portability (MNP) to help you switch networks with ease. Learn more about this service today by reading through the rest of the article.

What Is Mobile Number Portability?

MNP refers to the freedom given to mobile phone users to switch networks without having to change their numbers. They won’t be charged if they choose to take advantage of this service. MNP also allows subscribers to go from postpaid to prepaid plans (and vice versa) without having to pay a single peso.

DITO’s mobile number portability is actually not exclusive to the network. In fact, every major telco in the Philippines is required to provide the service to all subscribers because of Republic Act 11202, also known as the Mobile Number Portability Act.

The law was signed in 2019, but its implementation was delayed because of the pandemic, along with other challenges. It only took full effect in September 2021 and is now spearheaded by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Anyone who wishes to use the service should only visit their service provider. According to the NTC, the telco should complete the entire process within 48 hours.

Benefits of Mobile Number Portability

Are you planning to switch networks and take advantage of DITO’s MNP services? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

No “New Number” Announcements Needed

Each time you change your number, you are almost compelled to send a text message to everyone in your phone directory. You’ll say something along the lines of “Hi! This is [your name], and here’s my new number!” It’s a way of being polite to your friends and family, allowing them to reach you through your new mobile number in case they need to contact you.

You are no longer obliged to send that “announcement” now that the Mobile Number Portability Act is in effect. Your friends and family can still contact you through your old number even if you’ve switched to a new network.

Calling Cards Don’t Require Updates

Calling cards or business cards are essential for some people, such as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. It’s a part of their brand, so they hand it out to potential clients or business partners. However, since it contains some personal information (phone number included), updates used to be required whenever they switched networks.

That is no longer the case today because of mobile number portability offered by DITO. Professionals don’t need to print out new business cards if they switch networks, saving them time, money, and paper.

Get Access to the Benefits of Your New Network

Some people might want to buy a new SIM and switch to DITO. However, they might think twice because they know how troublesome it could be if they ever change their number.

If you are one of those people, then you should no longer worry. You can now freely switch to DITO and enjoy our very affordable promos without having to change your number. All you have to do is visit any of our experience stores and ask the staff about our MNP services.

Can You Use DITO’s Mobile Number Portability Services?

Before taking advantage of DITO’s MNP service and switching networks, you must first ensure that you’re eligible. Check out this list of requirements:

  • You don’t have any unpaid charges from your previous network.
  • Your mobile number isn’t linked to a device locked to your previous network.
  • You aren’t currently subscribed to a service bundle from your previous network.
  • You haven’t taken advantage of any MNP services from any other network in the last 60 days.
  • Your mobile number isn’t involved in any fraudulent activities.
  • Your new phone is compatible with DITO.


Mobile number portability is an incredibly useful feature offered by DITO and other major telcos in the Philippines. It allows you to switch to another network without changing your number. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of informing all your contacts about your new number. Additionally, you are no longer obliged to update documents and subscriptions connected to your phone.
Another good thing about MNP is that it’s free of charge! If you’re planning to switch networks to DITO and use our MNP service, you can do so without spending a single peso. All you have to do is ask our staff about it, and they will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance you need.

Learn more about MNP today by reaching out to our team.

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