Promo Mechanics

  1. Promo period is from July 15  – January 31, 2022 as approved by DTI-FTEB. The promo must be activated within the promo period. Promos activated after the promo period shall not take effect.

  2. The promo is priced at Php 99.00 and is inclusive of the following:

    1. 10GB Data for 30 days upon activation of the promo
    2. Unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls for 30 days upon activation of the promo
    3. Unlimited DITO-to-DITO SMS for 30 days upon activation of the promo
    4. 300 minutes of calls to other mobile networks
    5. Unlimited texts to other mobile networks

  3. Prerequisites:

    1. Must have a valid and working DITO prepaid SIM card installed in one DITO compatible phone. The list of outlets selling the SIM card can be found in DITO’s website.
    2. Must have an existing DITO load of at least Php 99.00. The list of outlets selling the DITO load can be found in DITO’s website
    3. Installed and working DITO App in device.

  4. How to download and install DITO App:

    • Download and install the DITO App via the link included in the activation SMS. The activation SMS will be sent to the SUBSCRIBER after activation of the SIM card.
    • (Note – use of the DITO App will not use or require any data allocation from the subscriber, free WiFi access shall be available in the DITO’s partner stores for application downloading and promo activation purposes, subscribers may also use the 1 GB data allocation included with the SIM card to download and activate the promo)
    • Create and Log-in on the DITO App – initial password will be given via SMS.

  5. How to avail the promo:

    1. Log-in on the DITO App or log-in on the MyDITO web.
    2. Go to the Home Page then select the 10GB Data Promo.
    3. Subscriber must click on the confirmation button to proceed with the purchase of the offer.
    4. Subscriber will receive confirmation via APP and SMS.
  6. You can check the list of DITO covered areas via this link.

  7. Promo resubscription is allowed even if the current subscription is active. The remaining data and off-net minutes allocation from the previous subscription will be carried over to the latest subscription.

  8. Once availed, the promo is non-refundable / non-replaceable / non-exchangeable. Promo is only valid for the subscriber’s DITO compatible mobile phone where the purchased DITO SIM and Promo are installed.

  9. Promo cannot be used in conjunction with any unlimited promo offers, discount available and exclusive promo offers.

  10. Promo cannot be converted to cash, credit, or other goods and services.

  11. By availing of the promo, the subscriber confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to the promo mechanics, its terms, and conditions. Subscriber also agrees not to use the SIM and/or promo for illicit or illegal means.

  12. For any concerns and/or inquiries regarding the promo, information may be sent to All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of DITO Telecommunity. All decisions made by DITO Telecommunity pertaining to the promo will be deemed final and irrevocable, with the prior concurrence of DTI.

    DITO 99 10GB Offline: July 15-Sept 30, DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-123441 Series of 2021